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// 13 JAN 2015

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Job Seekers: You’re not unique, you’re just a number.

So you might be feeling a little down having read the title but this is exactly how people feel after weeks and months of job hunting and never hearing back from employers. Spending hours filling out endless application forms and scrolling through reams of cookie-cutter job postings (probably posted by some horrible recruiter only to get your details on their database).


According to the Talent Function Group LLC, 1000 people will view a job advert, about 200 of these will start to apply but give up, leaving approximately 100 determined individuals actually submitting an application?


Apparently résumé scanners (those annoying computer programs) kill off around 75% of all applications leaving just 25 for human eyes. Six extraordinarily lucky people, on average, are invited for interviews and one person will accept an offer of employment.


Fight Back!

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There are several practical steps you can take in order to improve those poor odds. Firstly, if you suspect your résumé is going to be ‘scanned’ (around 10% of all SMEs and 50% of large companies use them now), submit an unformatted rich text version of your résumé  and load it with the appropriate key words and phrases. We supply one of these to all our clients.


Secondly, ask yourself if you are the sort of person that wants to work for an organisation that lets an arbitrary computer program (resume scanning software) decide if they want to interview you? It’s a valid point and one worth thinking about seriously because it says a lot about their culture. Some big companies, like Thiess (ASX top 100 company), have made the decision that every résumé submitted is seen by a human, good on you Thiess! Other big corporations, whom shall remain nameless, don’t (hint: It’s how they connect).


Last but not least, understand that it is a competitive market out there so you’ll do well to play the numbers game. By that I mean, don’t apply for a job and wait to see the outcome (you’ll be between jobs for months if you do that). Apply for lots of jobs and manage the job hunting process as if it were an actual job.


Is your résumé ready for the modern job market? Contact us at thinkSMART résumés to beat the odds!


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