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// 04 NOV 2014

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Make emails count! SMART tips for job seekers.

Sending emails is easy, right?  Some people get it so wrong, but how do you ensure your email won’t be deleted as unread? Whilst it’s easy to take email for granted, job seekers should remember that email is a powerful thing. Emails have the ability to make great first impressions. Email is one of the sharpest tools in any job seeker’s toolbox. In some instances, employers might read your email before they even read your résumé. Our top tips...


Your email address

Your address should ideally be a combination of your first and last name, for example, ‘’ and not ‘’. Whatever you do, don’t have a stupid email address like ‘’.


What’s it all about?

The more specific you are, the more likely your email will be opened. For example, ‘Skilled Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineer seeking opportunities’ is perfect. Make it too general, like ‘seeking employment’, and it might not catch the recipient’s attention.


Don't use SMS lingo

‘Hi, I M l%kin 4 a nu job wid U guys’ is a bad look. Always keep it professional. Anything else could be telling a potential employer that you don’t take this seriously… and they’ll assume you’re a total moron.


Keep it short

If you’re emailing someone your resume, requesting assistance, or simply introducing yourself, keep it to the point.


Make your signature your own

Your professional email needs a solid signature (HTML if possible). There are loads of generators online that make it easy to link all of your contact details.


Remember to sign-off

‘Kind regards’ is best, ‘Sincerely’ is fine also. ‘Best wishes’ is suitable if you have been in contact with a particular person for some time, ‘Cheers’ or ‘Ciao’ come off as unprofessional.


Attach it first

This has to be one of the most common mistakes (of which we are all guilty from time to time). Attach those documents before anything else.


The 24-hour rule

Respond to each email you receive within 24 hours or sooner. Use your smart-phone to link your email account and set the preferences to ‘push’ so that emails notifications are in real time.


First impressions count and email is a great opportunity to shine. Follow these tips, take your time, print it off and proofread it if you feel you need to. Only when you are 100% sure should you click that send button.



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