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// 22 JAN 2015

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Why you should stop submitting uninteresting & lacklustre CVs

Did you know that the Roy Hill mining project in Western Australia is currently receiving 600 (yes, that is two zeros) résumés for every position advertised according to the project CEO? Seriously, on those numbers it doesn’t really matter what your trade is, you may as well go and buy a lotto ticket.


Ok, you didn’t win the lotto and you still need a job. It all starts with the résumé folks. Sending out a boring, generic, poorly written résumé isn’t going to help you in this situation. You need a perfectly written document, tailored to your profession and most importantly, loaded with quantifiable achievements. Writing that sort of résumé is a bit of a black art mastered by very few people. But, if you’re a talented writer, willing to do the necessary research and have the spare time then it is feasible.


So your résumé content is now perfect, but it still looks about as interesting as a car radio instruction manual? Next you need to make the résumé visually impressive (in a professional way). If you want your résumé to actually be seen and read, there are four really good reasons why you need to make it visually appealing.


  • Humans process visual information 60,000 time faster than text
  • Two thirds of all information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Researchers found that colour visuals increase the willingness to read a document by 80%
  • It only takes an adult 250 milliseconds to process a symbol and attach a meaning to it (six times faster than words alone)


If I hadn’t attached a photo to the link for this blog, apparently there is an 89% chance you wouldn’t be reading this now. Humans are visual creatures. At thinkSMART we understand this, so once you have finished writing the perfect résumé, you need to ‘design’ the perfect résumé. It really does work.


View our resume examples for some inspiration.


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Roy Hill:

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